How to Book More Restaurant Work Than You Can Handle

If you want to become a better magician, get more gigs, and  command higher fees for your shows, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read. Here's why…

Restaurant Magic

You won't ever need another course on becoming a restaurant magician:

  • Lifetime FREE Upgrades: I first released this course in 2002, and since then I've continued to update it based on customer feedback.
  • Work fine-dining establishments and get great clients.
  • Get the exact marketing tools I used to to fill my schedule with six restaurants a week.

Dear Magician Friend,

You buy tons of tricks, read lots of books, and you practice until your fingers bleed. Now you're wondering if you can turn your hobby into a lucrative career.

Maybe you asked other magicians about making a living performing magic and they just laughed and said it's impossible.

If you don't have the money to advertise, don't want to do kids shows, and you don't want to get involved in expensive or complex marketing techniques, then doing magic in restaurants is your best bet.

Never pay for advertising again and still get a ton of work performing at private parties, corporate events, and other functions.

My course has been copied. I saw one web site where the guy even uses the, "More Than You Can Handle" phrase I've been using to sell my course for five years. This version of the course has been updated and expanded to the point that owners of the old course won't even recognize it. Do you want to purchase a system for getting restaurant work from me, the originator, or from one of the copy cats out there? I promise, I include information they don't have because they haven't had a chance to steal it yet!

If you've already tried getting a restaurant gig, you most likely faced a lot of rejection. Let's be honest, it's a drag going place to place, approaching intimidating restaurant managers, and then being told no over and over again.

Magic is supposed to be fun but being looked at like you're insane by restaurant owners sucks. There are easier ways to get these gigs and I'll share them with you.

Let me warn you though, there are absolutely no magic tricks in this course. I'm assuming you've got more magic than you know what to do with. This course is designed to get you working as a restaurant magician and to keep you working.

The next time somebody asks what you do for a living you'll be able to say, "I'm a professional magician." The best part is you can potentially make more money in a couple of hours than many people make all day at their jobs.

Oh, and if you think the current economic conditions make it impossible for you to make money as a magician, you're mistaken. I address this very issue in the course.

In This Course You'll Get Started With

  • The single most important thing you need to become a restaurant magician. No, it's not money, props, a business card, insurance, DBA, or anything you'll find in a magic book or other courses. If you do this one thing, you are all but guaranteed success. However, without this one key ingredient, you will most likely fail.
  • An action plan that absolutley forces you to immediately take the steps needed to become a restaurant magician. You simply can't procrastinate unless you literally don't open up the product.
  • If you're eager to get started and you're motivated, now is the time to do something, and this course lets you take steps immediately.  It happens to me.  I get pumped up and enthusiastic, but if I have to wait to get started, things always seem to come up.
  • When you get my course, you will feel great satisfcation and self respect right away. The reason? You get immediate access to the product after you place your order. Even if it's 2:00AM, you can begin working toward becoming a restaurant magician.
  • The reason you'll feel so good is because I've broken down the steps you need to take into small bite size pieces. You will accomplish the first step within minutes. You'll go to sleep knowing that you set a goal and accomplished it. Not only that, you'll know what you did was easy and that all you have to do is do it again the next day.
  • If you can spend from 5 - 30 minutes a day doing what I tell you to do, you will get a paid job as a restaurant magician. If you don't have 30 minutes a day, then I can't help you.
  • A place to start. If you don't have an act and you don't know sleight of hand but you have a sincere interest in becoming a magician, there's a whole section of the course devoted to you.
  • A place to continue. Maybe you've purchased other courses on restaurant magic and want to know what I can offer. Well, if there was only one answer on how to become successful in the magic restaurant and bar world, there'd only be one book. We know that's not true. What I provide is another perspective that may help you make more money and book more restaurants than you have so far. Maybe you haven't actually booked a gig yet, but you have read a lot of info. Well, I don't just give you a bunch of ideas and tell you to do it. I give you the exact steps to take and I guarantee if you can spend a few minutes a day, every day working toward your goal, I can help you book that first restaurant or bar.
  • A place to advance. This course started as a $57.00 e-book in 2002. I sold a bunch of them and received accolades from magicians around the world. I did something really silly though. I neglected the product. I didn't expand it and I didn't keep it up to date. There's several reasons for this and they relate directly to the success I WAS having versus the success I AM having now. I actually talk about this in detail and share the lessons I learned from not doing something. Here's the bottom line. I have a lot to say in the new course. I've learned a ton, my skills as a performer and a marketer are at their height, and I can't wait to spill the beans and help you achieve your goals as a professional magician. The advanced topics found in this course will help you make a lot more money and book a lot more gigs even if you've been working restaurants and bars for years.
  • You know the cliche... "If you get one good idea out of a product that pays you back more than you spent, it was worth it." Well, it's true. In this course, I share how a single idea made me thousands of dollars within days. Any piece of information you learn from my course has the potential to make you much more money than you invested. I spotlight this one thing to show the potential of putting your ideas into action.

If you're a beginner:

  • You will learn the fundamental sleights you need to learn. I don't teach sleight of hand in this course. I will however direct you to the resources you need and tell you the exact sleights you should learn. I will give my opinion on certain things regarding sleight of hand, but if you don't know any at all, be prepared to do some work.
  • You can get started without knowing any sleight of hand! Here's the catch. There's a ton of magic tricks that don't require sleight of hand but they aren't appropriate for the working pro. I will teach you how to identify, develop, and customize magic that won't require sleight of hand but still looks professional. So many so called self working magic tricks look like toys. You don't want to perform a trick and find out the kid at the table has the same one at home! Another problem is that a lot of self working tricks you find are the same ones the average barfly knows. You absolutely have to be able to do magic that the guests can't imagine being able to do themselves. I help you figure out how to do this.
  • You will be able to grow at a steady pace that ensures you progress without getting in over your head. If you ignore my advice, you may severely limit your long term success as a restaurant magician.
  • You can do this and don't let anybody tell you different. You will find encouragement every step of the way with my course. As you'll see, there's even a way to speak with me directly when you need help.
  • You will be entertained throughout the course. I'm funny. I mean, after all, I'm a professional comedian and magician. This letter may seem a bit serious, but that's just because I know how much happier you could be if you experienced just a little bit of what my life is like.
  • Not to brag, but I really do have a wonderful life. Everywhere I go in my community of Santa Monica, CA I'm recognized. To be honest, I seem to get spotted all over the country by somebody that saw me perform somewhere. This will happen to you if you work in just one restaurant once a week for a year. You'll meet A LOT of people.
  • Some other things I love about my life are telling people what I do (they're immediately interested and want to know more), traveling, staying at the nicest hotels, eating the best food, easily getting dates, collecting stories, the freedom, the low overhead, the simplicity, and lastly I love I can run this business alone, without employees. Believe me, there are other things I'm grateful for and I hope you can experience what it's like to be a working pro magician.
  • Several methods for booking restaurant work that fit your personality. I give you different ways to get restaurant work but I'll tell you a secret right now. If you simply pick one way and do it correctly, that's all you need.
  • Learn new ways to get restaurant work (these are techniques that most magicians don't know about but marketers have used for years).
  • Stop approaching restaurants and get them to call you.
  • Get bookings in corporate owned restaurants (despite what you've heard they can be very profitable).
  • Get hired even if at first the restaurant told you they weren't interested.
  • Beat out the competition (you will look and sound like a real pro while making your competition seem like amateurs).
  • Develop a sales script naturally (many people find using a script makes them sound mechanical, I'll show you how to overcome this problem).

Get Paid:

  • Turn your hobby into a fun job (stop wasting money on tricks and start doing something with what you know).
  • Make more money in two hours than many people make all day.

Improve Your Performance:

  • Become a better magician (you will have confidence when performing instead of nervousness and self doubt).
  • Learn the proper construction of a restaurant set.
  • Can your first trick at a table be a card trick? The surprising truth may shock you.
  • Learn how to approach the customers (instead of being rejected, people will be requesting you).
  • Handle hecklers with ease (instead of blushing and dropping your cards, you'll be calm and ready for even the biggest trouble makers).
  • People will say you're the best magician they've ever seen. That's what Vice President Al Gore said to me after the first show I did for him. I performed for him some months later and he said I'd gotten even better. Wouldn't you love to be able to tell stories like this?
  • The etiquette of accepting tips (you can keep your dignity and not seem tacky).

Learn The Skills You Need To Build A Business:

  • Make money with your restaurant even when you aren't there.
  • Keep your restaurant gig for a long time (even when the economy stinks).
  • Enjoy respect from your peers (you'll be doing something they wish they could do).
  • Use a simple marketing technique that's free and almost guarantees you lots of future bookings.

What Makes This Course Different

There's a lot of books on getting work as a magician. If you follow what they say, you'll be faced with a ton of rejection. Why? Because most of the people that write those books write them because they can't make a living performing. I'm currently working three kick ass restaurants. I've been at one of them for over five years. I do this for a living and I want to help you do it too.

They all tell you to do the same thing; which is cold calling. The truth is, there's a lot of ways of getting these gigs that don't involve any cold calling at all. Certain methods work better under different circumstances. I give you an arsenal of simple techniques that work. You can use them right away and you'll be on your way to being a restaurant or bar magician.

Not only that, I've bought marketing courses for magicians that try to teach you everything in a few hundred pages. They tell you briefly how to work in the corporate market, the college market, the comedy club market, the cruise ship market, the promotional market, and markets they invent as they go along. The key word is briefly. They'll spend two pages on restaurant work and move on.

My course on working just restaurants and bars is longer than their courses are on every market under the sun. Do you want to work restaurants and bars? You will get all of the details as I don't hold anything back!

I give you several methods to choose from. I suggest you try them all and find out what works best for you. Instead of hearing, "We're not interested" over and over again, you'll actually get hired.

Best of all, you can use my methods to begin working immediately. One problem magicians can have with marketing techniques is trying to figure out how to apply them. They make sense for other businesses but magic is unique, right? WRONG!

You can use powerful marketing techniques and apply them to getting restaurant work. I've spent thousands of dollars and more hours than I can count to learn these methods. Now I'm going to share them with you so you can stop wasting your time and start getting paid to do what you love.

Here Are Four Good Reasons To Believe What I Say


I got my first restaurant gig when I was 14. My dad used to eat at the same restaurant every day for lunch. He took clients there and knew the managers very well. I had just started getting paid to perform magic at private parties but wanted to work a restaurant. My dad got me the introduction and I got to work. It didn't last long but I've been learning ever since. Now you get to benefit from my decades of experience.


I make my living full-time from performing magic in restaurants. As of right now, I'm working three restaurants every week. In addition to these steady gigs, I fill in on a regular basis at other restaurants. All of this restaurant work keeps me booked with private parties and even corporate events such as tradeshows, sales meetings, and product launches. You never know who you're going to meet when working in this environment.


I've gotten hired using every method in this course. The tools I give you in my course work. I'm not giving you theories. When you learn from me you're learning stuff that works in the real world. I tell you what it's like in the trenches so you're armed with the knowledge you need to become a professional magician. Every detail is covered and it's easy to follow with step by step instructions for approaching restaurant owners and managers.


I'm a performing magician member of The Magic Castle and I work restaurants in Los Angeles which is a very competitive market. There are a lot of great magicians here. When I first went looking for a restaurant gig in this city I couldn't believe how many places already had a magician or had been approached by one. You'll learn how to stand out from the crowd and get hired no matter where you live. I've only been in Los Angeles for three years and I already work more than most magicians I know.

But Don't Take My Word For It, Read What People Are Saying About My Course...

Doc EasonProfessional Magician

For anyone contemplating the leap into restaurant magic, this is certainly a "must have." It is obvious that the author has paid his dues and offers the fruits of his labor up for all to see.  Unfortunately it all boils down to some hard work, but for those sincerely interested in entering this field, it is all there.

Scott HollingsworthProfessional Magician

Zach Waldman's audio course and e-book, How to Book More Restaurant Work Than You Can Handle, covers a broad spectrum of excellent ideas and approaches for magicians to increase restaurant bookings. It gives step-by-step instructions and tips to help increase your bottom line. If you can’t make more money after you put these strategies into practice, you might as well hand in your magic wand.

Rich HurleyProfessional Magician

Zach's course is awesome. There is nothing else on the market like it. He guides you step by step with a practical and effective marketing program. He tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. It’s a program of action, based on Zach’s real world experience of successfully performing and selling magic. Zach teaches you how to evaluate your own abilities, set your goals, prospect, approach, sell, close and keep the gig.

I’ve studied Charles Greene, David Stone, Jim pace, Jim Sisti and the Jailhouse DVD – they’re all great but but Zach’s course is designed to motivate you to keep doing the next indicated step until you’ve accomplished your goal of getting a restaurant gig. I highly recommend Zach Waldman’s program to anyone who seriously wants to become a restaurant magician.

Michael DelbertMission, TX

Your material is AWESOME. You gave me everything I needed, especially that extra "push" to just go out there and do it. It is 1:30am and I am still reading your book . . . mesmerized. You are truly a magical person, and to give this information for the current price is insane. You should be marking this book up twice as much. I am actually surprised you released this valuable information.

Joseph SchneiderProfessional Magician (since getting my eCourse)

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with How To Book More Restaurant Work Than You Can Handle. I've been practicing magic for a long time and hadn't yet made the switch over to restaurant work. Sure, I've worked a few restaurants on vacation to help make ends meet, but I was always working for food or tips. Then I read your book. Ten restaurants and three weeks later I had my first gig. Now I'm getting paid for doing what I love to do. The manager, customers, and wait staff are all thrilled with the new element of excitement in the restaurant. As a bonus, it's wonderful free advertising for private parties, since I'm invariably asked for business cards during my shift. Using the techniques described in your book, I've avoided a lot of mistakes that magicians can make, and I haven't had a single complaint--just rave reviews. I've got a great job and a dozen opportunities brewing on the horizon. Thank you, Zach.

Lou SerranoProfessional Magician

If you are seriously interested in performing magic in restaurants, then you needn't look any further than Zach Waldman's How to Book More Restaurant Work Than You Can Handle.

Rob RasnerProfessional Magician

Zach doesn't sugar coat anything in this book, he tells you EXACTLY what you need to know. I am a restaurant magician, and I have read every book on the subject, and they all say the same thing. I have been looking for more restaurants, and I was getting tired of the hunt until I read Zach's book. This information is absolutely invaluable. You can't even put a price on it. If you are seeking your first restaurant, or are a full time pro, this book is a must! Worth every cent! This should be the restaurant magician's bible.

Matthew T

Wow, you really impress me with your customer service!!! I never had someone take such care in making sure that I am doing ok with my purchase. I did eventually get into the ebook and upon reading it I became highly motivated and excited. Excited because I know I have it in me to be successful and for some reason I know that your advice is going to get me there. I'm a little nervous but i'll live. Thank you again Mr. Waldman for your professional and friendly help. I hope it's not the last time I talk to you. . .

Mark MysterioWorld Record Holder/Magician

Thank You So Much! As I am sure that you are aware...Your ebook is packed with so much useful working Pro should be without it!

I want to be able to re-read it again and again.

Darshwood Darsh

Much of the information in 'How to Book More Restaurant Work Than You Can Handle' I am certain I would have learned on my own after several years of experience through trial by error. All I can say, though, is that the money I spent on Mr. Waldman's product has saved me the most valuable resource of all - time. It only took me a few hours to get the most upfront guidance on the subject of restaurant magic I've ever received. Sooooo worth it! Thanks, Zach!!!

Beverly SuzanMagician, Magic Teacher, Author

The Restaurant Magician is a wonderful way to prepare for the real working world of the magician! It's filled with tried and true methods written from years of experiences in the restaurant/club field and would be highly beneficial to any performer who wants to break out into this realm. Recommended Reading.

In This Course You’ll Learn:

  • What it takes to get started and stay motivated.
  • Methods for getting restaurant work that don't require cold calling.
  • The secret audition process that almost guarantees you get the gig.
  • Make money from restaurants you aren't even working at.
  • You've tried going door to door, you've tried eating at the restaurant and setting up a meeting, you've made tons of phone calls, you've even tried working just for tips and still couldn't get hired.  When does magic become fun?  When do you get to apply everything you've practiced?  How do you get paid?
  • Get Customers to request you at their table.
  • Compile an e-mail list that can make you money without spending a dime.  You won't be sending out SPAM, but you'll be getting work.
  • Build relationships with people that can provide a source of income for years.  Getting to know people doesn't cost any money but it can make you a lot.
  • Find out why the "best" magicians don't make any money and hardly ever work.
  • What you should know about using direct mail.
  • Interpersonal communication that will make customers like you.  Even if you don't have great people skills you can obtain them.
  • How to handle private parties taking place inside your restaurant.
  • The big turnoffs to restaurant owners.
  • The myth of the business card.  This will shock you.  You can book plenty of private parties even if you can't afford to have cards printed.
  • The essential skills you must have to be successful in business.
  • Goal Setting guidelines to keep you motivated in your quest to be a professional magician.
  • Contract questions and answers.
  • Pitching your service over the phone.
  • Exactly how much you should charge so you don't have to guess.
  • Why turning down work can be beneficial.
  • A simple technique to gauge people's interest in your magic that can keep you out of trouble.  Some people don't want to see magic.  If you perform for them anyway, you're going to register complaints.  I show you how to avoid these people so you keep your manager happy and keep your gig for a long time.

Who Do You Want to Learn From?

While I think a lot of people that teach methods for getting restaurant work are good people and have valuable information, I can't help but to think they're doing things the hard way.

Their books don't cost much, but after you've gone to 100 restaurants and haven't been hired, you'll know why. I work several restaurants and bars in a very competitive market. The Magic Castle is here which means there's a glut of talented magicians competing for work.

That being said, many of them aren't making money. They try the old methods of getting restaurant work and aren't successful with them. They give up and go back to practicing The Pass.

Don't Give Up, Learn!

  • The right way to book restaurant work.
  • A recipe for making money with magic.
  • Stop rejection with my simple methods.
  • Tips for remembering people's names.  This is more important than you realize.  You can make people feel great and focus their attention on your show just by taking the time to know their names.
  • It's like magic when you know how.  The methods I teach you are simple and they work.  A lot of this stuff is common sense to me now but it wasn't when I first started working restaurants.
  • These shortcuts allow you to have fun with your magic.
  • What to do tomorrow morning so you can start working as a restaurant magician.
  • How to work large tables.  Learn three ways to handle this situation so you can apply the correct method for your environment.
  • The pros and cons of using a close-up pad and the psychological effect it has on your audience.
  • Real answers on structuring your routine for the greatest impact.  You'll learn what effects to put where, how long your set should be, and how to book more gigs from your performances.
  • No fluff.  I don't waste your time telling you about my first magic set or trying to sell you other things that you'll need to be a success.  If you want to work in restaurants all you need is my course and a sincere desire to put what I tell you into action.
  • I walk you through the process.  You'll know how to approach restaurants, when to approach them, what to say, and how to follow-up.  I illustrate the process by taking you step by step through a typical scenario.  When you apprach your first restaurant you'll know exactly what to expect.
  • Other people will get restaurant work for you.  By using endorsements you can actually have people selling your service so you don't have to cold call.

Warning, Do Not Buy Any Course That Doesn't Meet The Following Criteria

Criteria #1 - Make sure it has an action plan with step by step instructions. What good is a bunch of information if you can't figure out where to start? When I first started to learn marketing, I struggled to see how things other businesses were doing applied to our line of work. After years of practice and study, I finally saw the light. You don't have to figure this out, I've done it for you.

Criteria #2 - Does the person selling the system actually use the techniques he teaches? Is he currently working several restaurants a week and making a great living? Are you sure he's telling the truth? Email me and I'll give you my current performance schedule. You can come see me in action and then decide who you want to learn from.

Criteria #3 - Fast and easy customer support. My phone number is 310-922-6244. You won't struggle through a series of menus to get assistance. You simply call me and I'll either answer or you'll leave a message. If you leave a message, I will call you back and solve your problem. What a simple concept. A person that actually stands behind his product and is ready to help at a moment's notice.

Criteria #4 - Does the course have a money-back guarantee? This one does. I promise if you do what I tell you to do, you have a very good chance of getting a job as a restaurant or bar magician within 60 days. Realistically, it shouldn't take that long. I have no idea how hard you're going to try. I don't kow if you're going to follow the steps I give you. However, I promise if you do, you will be successful much faster with my methods than with any other system out there.

Criteria #5 - Is the course you're looking at worth ten times its value? This one is! I once purchased a marketing product that I was skeptical of. I was skeptical because I didn't know anything about the so called expert I was about to make the purchase from.

However, when I opened it up, I was blown away. I've gone back and used the product as a reference for years now. It's made me a lot of money. The creator of the product charged less than a hundred bucks but I got WAY more than ten times the value back from it.

I bring this up, because this expert marketer emphasized the imporance of value. Since he didn't hold back and gave me real world info that worked, I knew he practiced what he preached. I vowed to ALWAYS give my clients a ton of value. This course is no exception. How To Book More Restaurant Work Than You Can Handle is worth much more than ten times the investment I'm asking you to make.

Criteria #6 - Does the person teaching his methods for working as a magician live in the middle of nowhere? I'm not a snob. I've lived all over this great country of ours. I travel from coast to coast working very high end corporate events and private parties on the nights I'm not at my restaurants.

However, there's a big difference between the restaurants I work in Los Angeles and the competition I face vs. the guy who got hired in the town he grew up in. I'm sure there's magicians working happily in towns we've never heard of and they think it's easy because they don't have any competition.

The people that watch them perform don't have much to compare them to. Out here in Los Angeles, I compete with the best magicians in the world. Johnny Ace Palmer works a restaurant a few blocks from one I work at! This town is full of heavy hitters.

The people we perform for have also seen a lot more magic than the average person. Many of them have been to The Magic Castle. You have to be excellent to impress these people.

So, do you want to learn from a working pro in the toughest magic city in America, or do you want to learn from some guy that took a few of my ideas, raised the price, called himself an expert, and believes he is one because he works a restaurant in a town of 20?

Criteria #7 - This course will give you marketing foundations you can apply to any other market. If you work restaurants for a few years and decide you'd like to enter a new market, you'll already have the tools you need to get started working events like hospitality suites.

What You’ll Get...

How To Book More Restaurant Work Than You Can Handle is NOT A BOOK, it's an online course that is updated to regularly.  It gets better and better!  You get access to the information immediately after placing your order. You don't have to wait to take your first steps toward achieving your goal of becoming a professional restaurant and bar magician. You can start right now!

You get over NINE HOURS of multimedia instruction divided into six lessons. Do a little work every day, and within weeks you can have your first job as a paid professional magician.

Do you prefer reading? Hate being stuck to the computer? The original E-book is included in this course. You can read offline, plus it comes with even more bonuses.


  • Setting Goals
  • Taking Action
  • Personal Resources


  • The Most Important Thing You Need to Become a Restaurant Magician
  • My Hierarchy of Progress to Becoming a Successful Magician
  • Targeting Your Market
  • Develop a List of Leads
  • Continued Goal Setting
  • Personal Resources


  • Selling Method 1
  • Selling Method 2
  • Selling Method 3
  • A Marketing Template for Everything You Do
  • Personal Resources


  • The Art and Performance of Table Hopping
  • The Approach
  • Structuring Your Act
  • The Real Job of Your Opener
  • Working Large Tables
  • Choosing Material


  • Dealing With Hecklers
  • Leaving the Table
  • Odds and Ends
  • How to get people to say you're the best magician in the world
  • Why some of the best magicians don't make money
  • Accepting tips
  • Your restaurant can make you money when you aren't there.
  • When you can't make your gig
  • Don't get suckered into working private parties for free
  • How to keep your job a long time
  • Get customers to request you at their table
  • Remembering people's names
  • I address the questions of people who've already purchased my course


  • Beginner's Area
  • Bonus Report - Etiquette for Magicians
  • What To Do Next

Finally, I want to make a few things clear:

1. I'm not guaranteeing you'll make money. I don't know you, your level of drive, or your ability. But I do guarantee your money back if my methods don't work for you.

2. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Any business venture involves risk and a lot of work. Anyone who tells you different is feeding you BS.

3. Because I make a full-time living performing magic doesn't mean that the average person who buys this product can or will. It makes my stomach sick when people make outrageous guarantees and claims they can't back up. I'm an honest person and won't do that. If you can live with those three things, then this could be the exact information you're looking for.

I've spent a lot of money buying marketing products and they've been worth every dollar. I've adapted what I've learned and applied it to getting gigs that pay me good money.

You're crazy if you think I'm going to spill my guts cheaply after investing all of the time and effort it took me to come up with these methods. Folks, you get what you pay for. My course isn't cheap but it's extremely fair, it's $154.00.

I'm not selling you a trick, I'm giving you a career. This isn't theory, this is exactly what I've done to make a great living as a professional magician. How many businesses do you know of that you can you buy for $154.00? If you can't invest such a small amount, then you may want to consider how serious you are about making a living as a magician.

This course contains a ton of great info from a real working pro and a performing member of The Magic Castle (that's me, silly).

I've read courses on comedy and magic sold by people that never perform. I mean, if you write a book on comedy and I can't find thirty seconds of you on YouTube, are you performing anywhere? Hmmm, that's almost philosophical. If you perform and you aren't on YouTube, do you perform?

By the way, some of the books I'm referring to had some great ideas in them. I'm simply making the point that I actually use the techniques I teach and I make a nice living. I live five blocks from the beach in Santa Monica, CA (yes, indoors).

Listen, if you get just one restaurant gig using my methods and you follow my advice, you will make at least $100.00 a week which is $5,200.00 for the year. That doesn't count private party work, tips, or working more than one restaurant. What investment do you know of that pays this kind of return?


Because I'm so confident you're going to love this product, I'm willing to extend an ironclad, 100%, you-can't-lose money-back guarantee: Take my product. Try it out. If you aren't 500% thrilled and more, I don't want your money. All I ask is that you actually try my methods and give it a shot. Just put in a fair effort. If you aren't satisfied with the results, just drop me a note anytime within 60 days and I'll refund every dime of your money. Fair enough? The only reason I can do this is because I'm supremely confident you're going to fall in love with my system for getting restaurant work.

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Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Become a Restaurant Magician - This video contains several secrets to success.  You'll learn what to do and the rest of the course is dedicated to show you how to do it.

Free Bonus Two ($25.00)

Etiquette for Magicians - Listen, I've seen magicians slit their own throats because they don't know how to act.  You could be costing yourself a lot of work because of things you're doing to make the people around you crazy.  I'm sure as a kid you were told not to speak with your mouth full.  Well, unfortunately, a lot of of magicians haven't been told about the things that turn off fellow magicians and potential clients.

Free Bonus Three ($100.00)

Free e-mail consultation - I've bought marketing courses and had a question or two that I really wanted answered from the person I got the product from. Well, guess what? If you ask most of these people for help they tell you their consulting fees are $1,000.00 an hour or some other ridiculous number. Now, I'm not saying they aren't worth what they're charging, I'm just saying I'd like to have one simple question answered. I understand that one simple question from me means one simple question from thousands of people and it all adds up. My time is valuable too. That being said, if you need some help with my methods, have a question, or just want some motivation, you get unlimited e-mail consultation for one year. Just drop me an e-mail and I'll help you out right away.

Free Bonus Four ($500.00)

Examples of the marketing tools I use to book restaurant jobs. I show you how to take direct response marketing methods and use them for our line of work. You'll see actual copies of the sales letters and other media I use. People pay thousands just to have a sales letter written.

Free Bonus Five ($350.00)

My resources - I will give you a list of resources that will keep you from wasting time. There are so many marketing products out there it's insane. If you go to some of the web stores of these marketing gurus, you don't know where to start. I'll tell you who I get my information from. I'll tell you whose products I've applied to our business and made money with. I'll save you a ton of money and frustration by giving you the simplest, cheapest, and most effective routes to the best information. One thing you'll see is how much money I've spent learning what I'm going to teach you in my course. But you know what? The more I've spent, the more money I've made so the more I've spent to get even more information. When you see what I've invested you'll know what a bargain my entire course is. I also give you a resource for FREE business cards.

Free Bonus Six ($500.00)

One hour phone consultation with me - That's right, you get one solid hour to pick my brain, have me review your marketing materials, give you web site tips, or anything else you want. I spill all of the information and don't hold anything back. If you have a question, I'll answer it. As a marketing consultant, I charge $500.00 an hour. This bonus alone is worth more than the price of the course.

Free Bonus Seven ($20.00)

Goal Setting - Set goals and achieve more than you can imagine in less time. I cut through all of the fluff and give you a simple way to tackle big projects.

Free Bonus Eight ($20.00)

Get tons of testimonials - If you only have a few paid gigs under your belt and you need testimonials for your promo package, this method will provide you with a ton of them quickly. It ties in perfect with the rest of the course and you'll be able to add this tool to your marketing arsenal immediately.

Free Bonus Nine ($59.00)

How To Book More Gigs - Sales Training for Magicians, Part 1 - EVERYBODY is in sales, whether you're a magician or not. This report gives you several tips, but there's one in particular you can implement immediately, it will cost you nothing, and it will increase your bookings.

Free Bonus Ten ($25.00)

Picking up Girls With Magic Without Being a Dork - We magicians have a reputation of being geeks. If you don't already know that, then you're in really big trouble. Let's face it, this reputation is pretty much deserved. That doesn't mean you have to add to it. Learn the basics of attracting women with magic as opposed to turning them off.

This is a funny thing. I've always offered the above report. I had no clue when I wrote it that there was a big movement going on called pick up. A book titled The Game came out and it's a great read. It's like a real life Revenge of the Nerds.

Anyway, The Game exposed this world of pick up artists. The main character in the book was actually into magic. I never got into magic to meet girls. It's just been a natural byproduct of the job. According to The Game, I'm what they call a natural. Still, it's funny how much of my natural ability to meet women has really been honed as a result of restaurant magic.

When you read The Game, they teach several methods for meeting women that are identical to things I teach for performing magc in restaurants! The reason for this is simple. People are people, and when you interact with them as a restaurant magician, you naturally learn the psychology of what makes people respond to your performance.

The other thing that surprised me about this report is how many people wanted it! I thought it'd be a fun addition to the product that a few people would get. Nope. Almost everybody took the Platinum version of the course and when I did a survey, almost all of them said it was for this extra. By the way, I learned about The Game from a friend of mine that knows the heavy hitters in the pick up world. I've expanded this information and I think you're going to love the results you get.

Free Bonus 11 ($25.00)

Bar Magic - Report on bar magic and how it's different from restaurants. If you ever wanted to know how to become a bar magician, it's a little different than getting work in restaurants. In this report, I'll give you some pointers on getting this kind of work, what to look for when choosing a bar, the kind of magic that works best, and other tips that can help you in this very rewarding style of magic. My course already covers everything you need to know to get started. This information just fine tunes some things with the bar venue in mind. You'll book more bar work and be happier if you get this specialized training.

Free Bonus 12 ($25.00)

Fine Dining Restaurant Magic - I've been employed as the house magician at Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA for over five years. If you ever want to see what it looks like, just look to US Weekly, TMZ, Extra, or any other tabloid show where they spotlight celebrities. Crustacean is where the rich and famous dine and people come from all over the country to experience the fine cuisine and incredible atmosphere. There are several advantages to working in a restaurant of this caliber. I'll teach you how to land a gig like this, what makes it different, and how to reap the rewards.

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Zach Waldman

Zach Waldman

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